Silicon carbide optic

• Surface roughness down to < 3 angstroms RMS
• Form tolerance: up to λ/100 rms
• Diameter: < 1 meter
• Surface Quality: < 20/10
• Materials: CVC SiC, CVD clad, Si clad
• Coating: Al, Ag, Au, specialty designs for high damage threshold
• Component types: Flats, spheres, freeform, lightweight mirrors & wafer chucks
• Polishing up to 1-meter diameter optics
• MRF polishing up to 200-mm diameters
• Aspheric optics polishing & testing


• Resistant to dynamic & gravitational deflection 
• Fast thermal stabilization
• Integrated mechanical fasteners

• Aerospace
• Semiconductor Lithography
• Astronomy
• Research
• Industry


• Multiple phase-measuring interferometers up to 700 mm aperture
• Surface roughness testing with Zygo NewView 6000 and Wyko RST
• Profilometers
• Surface feature microscopy
• Zeeko Robotic polishing of large complex elements.


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