DiFracTION Grating

• Active area: up to 1005mm x 600mm
• Spatial Frequency: 50 to 5000 lns/mm
• Grating Type: MLD, Etch Phase Grating (Transmission), or Metal (Gold, Alluminum…)
• Wavefront Distortion : < λ/4 (depending on aspectratio)
• Diffraction Efficiency: 90% to 96% Typically
• Fabricate gold gratings over photoresist or metal over etched silica for broadband applications
• Frame and optical mount to minimize stress induced deformations on demand


• Diffraction efficiency >90%
• High bandwidth (100-175 nm)
• Low diffracted wavefront
• Lower Damage Threshold

• High diffraction efficiency >95% tipically
• Low bandwidth (30-40 nm)
• Low diffracted wavefront

Scanning Beam
Interference Lithography

• Nanoruler use
• Highly accurate linewidth
• Excellent diffraction efficiency
• Focusing or chirped gratings
• Excellent dose control on the photoresist


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