ICUIL 2016 - Montebello - Canada


ICUIL, the International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers, results from the work of a subsidiary body of the OECD Global Science Forum, the Co-ordinating Committee on Compact High-Intensity Short-Pulse Lasers. It was established in 2002 for a period of two years, following the convening of the Workshop on Compact High-Intensity Short-Pulse Lasers: Future Directions and Applications in Kyoto in May 2001.

In 2003, ICUIL was formed as an IUPAP Working Group upon suggestion by the OECD Global Science Forum. It acts under the lead of IUPAP Commission C16, Plasma Physics, with additional close links to Commission C15, Atomic and Molecular Physics, and C17, Quantum Electronics.

Mission And Objectives

The International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers (ICUIL) is an organization actively concerned with the growth and vitality of the whole international field of ultra-high intensity laser science, technology and education.
"Ultra-high intensity" is understood as a dynamic quantity representing the top development level of the relevant laser technology at any given time.

The objectives of ICUIL are

- To provide a venue for discussions among representatives of high-intensity laser facilities and members of user communities, on international collaborative activities such as the development of the next generation of ultra-high intensity lasers, exploration of new areas of fundamental and applied research, and formation of a global research network for access to advanced facilities by users.
- To promote unity and coherence in the field by convening conferences and workshops dedicated to ultrahigh intensity lasers and their applications, and to promote and sponsor independent networking initiatives at the regional level.
- To accelerate progress in the field by sharing information, exploring opportunities for joint procurement, and exchanging equipment, ideas and personnel among laser laboratories world-wide.
- To attract students to high-field science by promoting their education and training, their interactions with prominent scientists, and access to the latest equipment, results and techniques.
- To strengthen and exploit synergy with other relevant fields and techniques, notably accelerator-based free electron lasers, nuclear physics, high energy physics, astrophysics.

ICUIL is linked to other international scientific bodies through this hierarchy

ICSU (International Council for Science)
IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics)IUPAP Commissions: C16 (Plasma Physics; ICUIL Lead Commission), C15 (Atomic and Molecular Physics), C17 (Quantum Electronics)
ICUIL (International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers)

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