HHG Beamline for ELI-Beamlines

A unique turnkey system for the generation of a brilliant XUV beam

HHG overview

Over the past years, the ultra-intense laser field has continued to flourish as demonstrated by a growing number of scientific and technological projects. In particular, Europe’s commitment towards ultra-high intensity physics is exemplified by the involvement of several European countries pulling research, network resources and experience to succeed in the completion of different state of the art laser facilities.

ELI consortium represents the core of the European effort to create unique laser facilities that can explore new regimes of laser-matter interaction as has never done before. It is divided into three facilities, ELI-Beamlines in Czech Republic, ELI-NP in Romania and ELI-ALPS in Hungary, each one equipped with unique laser systems and dedicated to a particular type of physics that will be studied. Most of the laser system will be used to generate secondary sources, like electron beams, Xray beams, gamma beams etc. In particular, ELI-Beamlines facility has been designed in order to let interact beams of different nature in unique pump-probe experiments. One of the beamlines – a High Harmonic Generation Beamline - will be designed, delivered and installed by a French company ARDOP as a turn-key system generating a broadband XUV beam.

HHG Beamlines in few words

The HHG beamline has been designed to accept two driving 1 kHz laser beams with pulse duration <20 fs and energy up to 100 mJ and, to superpose and focus them on a gas cell, to filter-out the residual laser beams and to characterize the generated XUV beam. The system can generate a very broadband radiation in the XUV region (from 5nm to 120), thanks to its modular design that allows to work at different focusing geometries (focal lengths from 1 m to 20 m), the gas cell that has a variable length and the choice of different rare gases.
The beamline is composed of four meter-size vessels, a complete IR rejection system done of grazing incidence mirrors and thin metallic filters, and a diagnostic system including a focusing flat-field spectrometer, a wavefront sensor and a calibrated photodiode for photon flux measurements.

Opto-Mechanical DesignHHG decoupled breadboard

• Stainless-steel frames and aluminum tubes and vacuum chambers, perfectly cleaned to reduce particles contamination levels
• Welded-membrane bellows for vibrations decoupling between tubes and turning-boxes
• Decoupled breadboard inside the vacuum chambers to reduce vibrations and mechanical deformations due to vacuum
• Vacuum environment: 10-6 mbar
• Beam transport: 25 m long
• Motorization and controllers for remote control access when the HHG is under vacuum

HHG IR rejection

Infra-Red Beam Rejection System

The energy transfer from the laser beam to the XUV it’s very low, and because of the collinearity of the two beams, it’s mandatory to remove the IR beam from the XUV beam path, especially for slowly diverging beams. The implemented rejection system consists on:
• 3 grazing incidence mirrors, coated for reflecting XUV beam and transmitting the IR
• A set of several thin metallic filters, adapted to the different wavelengths regimes

Alignment System

HHG is a part of a bigger laser installation, where the goal is to study the interaction of several sources together with a target. It is hence extremely important to have a solid and reproductible alignment system that allows a reliable beam positioning in a day by day use.HHG gas cell alignmentOur alignment system consists on:
• Input laser alignment through near field and far field measurements. This will allow a correct beam positioning at the input of the system
• XUV generation alignment, which allows the laser beam to be aligned to a reference in the gas cellso to have an aligned XUV generated beam

Local Control System

The Local Control System takes care of the most iportant parts of the systems, it works indipendently from the ELI-Beamlines control system, but can be interfaced to it through TANGO.
• Vacuum - automatic pumping and venting sequencies, controlling valves, gauges and Turbo Molecular Pumps
• Motorization - access and control on all the motorized stages and mounts
• Alignment - visualization on cameras of the beam position and manual or automatic adjustments through action on motorized mounts
• XUV Diagonstics - on line XUV beam characterization for spectrum, wavefront and energy


XUV Diagnostic

Due to very large XUV spectrum (5nm to 120nm) that will be generated, all the diagnostics had to be designed expecially for this system. All the diagnostics can be operated under vacuum and key optics are motorized and controlled through a local controll system.
• Spectrometer consisting in toroidal mirror, motorized slit, curved gratings and high resolution XUV camera
• Wavefront sensor measuring from 5nm to 120nm with a resolution of λ/5 rms at 5nm wavelength and λ/100 rms around 80nm
• Photon flux measurement with a calibrated XUV photodiode

ARDOP for Laser Driven Secondary Sources Generation and Beam Transport Turn Key Systems

• A team of laser specialists operating in high-power laser community for 25 years.
• ARDOP works with partners at the state of the art of ultra-short and ultra-intense laser.

• An engineering / project review for a turn-key system with:
– the definition and review of scope of work and specifications
– the mechanical/optical engineering and design of the system
– the technical reviews for factory and final acceptance
– installation and training on site


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