The First 1PW Beamline delivered by a company



What is CETAL?

The CEnter for Advanced Laser Technologies (CETAL) is a major laser facility installed at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR) in Bucharest-Magurele. CETAL is a national project implemented by INFLPR, and realized in collaboration with European partners from the industry. The CETAL installation of the state-of-the art laser has been completed in June 2013 and the Beam Transportation Line (BTL) in May 2014. The central part of this facility is an ultra-high intensity laser system based on Ti-Sapphire technology which can deliver pulses of 25 Joules of few tens of femtoseconds resulting in peak powers of more than 1 PW. ARDoP has been awarded for the design and realization of the BTL, including the delivery of mechanical and optical part. The laser will be used to perform cutting edge research in electron and proton acceleration, for generation of X- and  -rays as well as high harmonics and for studying relativistic plasmas.

Beam Transport Line

The Beam Transportation Line (BTL) is designed to transport the beam from the exit of the CETAL compressor vessel to the target interaction chamber (TIC) placed into the bunker. The BTL is 25 m long and made of stainless steel and aluminum assemblies composed of tubes of diameter 250 mm and turning-boxes of diameter 600 mm (where optics and mounts are placed). Two systems of primary and turbo pumps ensure the BTL to reach a secondary vacuum in less than 30 min. The BTL is entirely isolated from the laser facility thanks to the pendulum and gate valves respectively placed at the exit of the compressor and at the entrance of the TIC.

BTL Technical Specifications

• Optics, frames and mounts:
– 350 x 250 mm2
– 5 transport mirrors
– 1 off-axis parabola for focusing
– motorization & control-command included
• Vacuum environment: 10-5 mbar 
• Beam transport: 25 m long
• Motorization and controllers for remote control access when the BTL is under vacuum

Beam properties after propagation
• Pointing stability: 30 μrad PV 2 μrad RMS
• Wavefront distortion: < (PV)
• Strehl ratio: > 0.70
• Energy transmission: > 90%
• Polarization : P-polarized beam

• Central wavelength : 810 nm 
• Bandwidth : > 90 nm 
•LIDT:>0.6J/cm2 @200fs


• A team of laser specialists operating in high-power laser community for 25 years.
• ARDoP works with partners at the state of the art of ultra-short and ultra-intense laser. • An engineering / project review for a turn-key system with:
– the definition and review of scope of work and specifications
– the mechanical engineering and design of the beamline
– the technical reviews for factory and final acceptance

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